With A Little Help from my Friends~
The name is Kara Starkey. My last name isn't really Starkey, but none of you need to know that. ;D I'm just your average fangirl if you couldn't tell. I happen to have an odd fanbase, which I don't mind, but don't get on their bad side. I'd hate to clean that mess up. ^-^ Anyway, feel free to message me or whatever. I don't bite too hard; I'm actually a rather nice person. My soul mate would have been Ringo Starr if I was born in that era, but since I wasn't, I know for a fact it's supposed to be Chazz (too-stoned-to-remember). Adios~

Miss Trunchbull in the movie looks exactly like Miss Trunchbull in the book, and that makes me extremely happy.

I mean


Exactly the same